Growing our MEMBERSHIP

We need all homeowners to join PEHA!  None of the activities that PEHA does could be accomplished without the support of the annual $45 membership dues paid by homeowners and residents. In the past five years, membership in PEHA has only been 60-65% of the total of 528 homes. Each year, we try very hard to get the total membership numbers up by adding new families who have moved in and also homeowners who have lived in the neighborhood but have not joined before.

WHY Join?

Because we are part of a great neighborhood and we should do everything we can to keep it that way now and in the future. We have plenty of good schools in walking distance, low crime and access to shopping centers, service stations, multiple restaurants, etc. But more importantly we all do our best to make it a great neighborhood which also helps to increase our property values!

And WHAT does my Membership do for me?

Our dues are $45.00 per year which equates to 12 cents per day.  The majority of our dues (68%) is spent on watering and lawn maintenance of public areas in our subdivision which are the green way and trees on Hillcrest from La Bolsa to Carta Valley, Meandering Way from Clearhaven to Foxworth, and  keeping up the common areas at the corners of La Bolsa and Hillcrest and Meandering Way and Carta Valley. Our attention to these details help support the beautification of our neighborhood which preserves the property values of our community.

Approximately 30-35% gets spent on other items that we often see as transparent but are very important to making Prestonwood East a great neighborhood to live in:

  • Communications: We work hard to communicate in different ways to all homes in the neighborhood, members and NON-members through quarterly newsletters, flyers, Next, Facebook and relevant informative emails to members.
  • Annual Directory: Every year, we publish the annual listing of names alphabetically and by streets of all members. We wish that these could be in EVERY HOME- what a way to welcome new home owners, help you get to know your neighbors or even come across a ”long lost friend”! This is another great reason to be a member.
  • Look and feel of the neighborhood – Each month, we look for the best yard to place the “Yard of the Month” sign and let all the neighbors see who has been creative and meticulous and proud of their lawn. To identify the neighborhood as part of the Far North Dallas area, we will install street sign toppers at the end of 2015 which will let everyone know where they are when they drive around our streets.   And of course our Flag Reps put out flags on those special holidays that have a positive effect on all of us for many reasons.
  • Safety and Eliminating Crime – We have a dedicated group of “Crime Watch” homeowners who are trained Volunteers-in-Patrol. They volunteer 2 hours of their time during each drive around the neighborhood looking for open doors and garages, and unusual situations, then take the time to call the homeowners to ensure all is well.
  • Bulk Trash and other City of Dallas Code compliance – We all have a vested interest in what our neighborhood is like to live in and a big part of that is how we handle the Garbage and Bulk Trash. It’s really difficult to see the piles of bulk trash out too early so we try and send our members who are on the email distribution list a gentle reminder and give all members a colorful magnet with all the dates to put out the trash. Sadly, we are not reaching the other 175 houses in the neighborhood who are not members who also put out their trash too early.
  • Lost Pets – Through an active list of homeowners on Next and through Facebook and email blasts, we try hard to ensure that every lost pet notice has a happy ending and all return home to their owners.
  • Getting to know our Neighbors – We have many opportunities to meet and get to know our neighbors. PEHA sponsors several family and adult social events throughout the year and encourages people who want to form groups like the MOM’s group, Bunco groups, Book clubs, etc. to let the Board know what we can do to help.

This is a great place to live, the reasons are clear why homeowners should join – let’s make the most of it and be a part of PEHA!

When and How to Join?

Annual Membership Drive is from January to March every year. The VP of Membership and the Block Reps will ask homeowners to join and collect dues. We appreciate all our Block Reps who are the link to knowing what is going on in the neighborhood and are the people that distribute newsletters and flyers to all homes. It’s good to get to know your Block Rep.

During our membership drive, your Block Rep will knock on your door or leave a membership form in your mail box, please consider how little it costs – 12 cents a day or $45/year, to keep the neighborhood looking good so we can all continue to support increasing the value of our homes in the Far North Dallas real estate market. The cost of water and mowing the public areas continue to increase along with everything else and these costs represent the majority of our total budget!

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