About PEHA

Who is PEHA?

The Prestonwood East Homeowners Association (PEHA) Inc. is an incorporated association of homeowners/residents residing in an area bounded by Carta Valley/Bluefield on the north, Hillcrest on the west, La Bolsa on the south and Meandering Way on the east. The association exists to assure the beauty, safety and stability of the area and the surrounding community and to promote neighborliness and pride among the residents.

The Association consists of the General Membership, the Executive Board and various committees. The general membership is any homeowner or resident residing in the area who becomes a member of the association by voluntarily paying the homeowner dues for each operating year. Each member of the Association is eligible to serve as an officer or on any committee of the association, to vote on matters as provided by the By Laws, and to attend any business or social functions of the association.

The Executive Board and Committee Chairpersons meet once a month to conduct business and the members of the Association meet annually during the month of October to review current year’s business, vote on new Executive Board members and look ahead at future business.

What does PEHA do?

PEHA is here to help assure beautification and safety, grow the membership, and support neighborliness by communicating to the whole neighborhood. We do this all with the help of your annual membership dues. The Board recognizes that these are voluntary membership dues but does its utmost to encourage ALL homeowners and residents to join in order to support the many activities described below which not only require volunteers but also operating funds.

Our annual budget which provides our operating funds consists of the total number of members x $45 which equals what we have to work from to take care of the items in the pie chart which has typically represented our spending over the years. Occasionally we have to pay for the unplanned items like broken sprinkler heads or trees that get hit by cars on Hillcrest. Over the past 5 years, we have averaged only about 60-65% of homes who have joined as members (See Membership section for more information)